Wilderness First Responder Recertification

USD $315.00
  • Duration: 2 Days (approx.)

This course is provided for the recertification of a Wilderness First Responder certification. Did you receive your certification through another provider? No problem – we honor most major providers for recertifications; call for more details and prior approval.

SOLO brought Wilderness Medicine to the United States in 1976. Since then Apex Mountain School brought SOLO and Wilderness First Responder courses to Colorado. Our Wilderness First Responder curriculum uses the doctrines of lengthy periods of care, improvised resources, and variable environmental conditions as the basis for learning. WFR is the most widely recognized and sought after certification in the outdoor and adventure industry. The course is designed to provide recreationalists, leaders, guides, and rangers with the skills, knowledge, and tools to carry out a rescue in remote settings. The 16-hour recertification course meets the requirements for a Wilderness First Responder Certification. Like all of our Wilderness Medicine programs, the emphasis of the WFR certification is on prevention and decision-making.

This WFR recertification course reinforces and tests your previously learned skills in an applicational context and a written exam. The curriculum highlights legal concerns, blood borne pathogens and infectious diseases, patient assessment system, trauma, other medical emergencies, and field practice in backcountry leadership and rescue skills.

This intensive 16-hour curriculum takes place over two days, and should not be confused with the full WFR course.